CK61100 flat bed horizontal metal machine big type automatic chuck lathe

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Mainly used for complex shape parts or high precision parts processing, can automatically complete internal and external Round surface, conical cotton, round face, end face, a variety of threads, drilling, hinge, boring and other turning. The machine is tested in strict accordance with the inspection procedure.

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Specification unit CK61100
Max. swing over bed mm 1000
Max. swing over carriage mm 660
Max. workpiece length mm 1500/3000/6000
Spindle nose    C11
Spindle bore mm 130
Max. spindle speed rpm 18-600
Spindle transmission type     3-gear spindle speed
step-less in gear
Spindle motor kw 15
X/Z axis reposition accuracy mm ±0.005
X/Z axis feed motor torque NM 15/22
X/Z axis fast feeding speed n/min 4/5
Tailstock sleeve diameter mm 100
Tailstock sleeve travel mm 250
Tailstock sleeve taper  MT6
Section of turning tool mm 40×40
Guide form flat bed
Tool post form electric turret
Packing dimensions cm 475/550/850×200×200
weight kg 6000/8500/13500


1. High machine precision, the system set the minimum unit 0.001mm, X-axis repeat positioning accuracy of 0.010mm, Z-axis repeat positioning accuracy of 0.012mm.
2. High hardness, good rigidity, high audio quenching, machine guide rails and saddle rails are using special materials, hard rail, high frequency quenching, super hard wear and tear, durable, good processing accuracy to maintain good.

CK61100 flat bed horizontal metal machine big type automatic chuck lathe3
CK61100 flat bed horizontal metal machine big type automatic chuck lathe4

1. Strong adaptability to processing objects, adapting to the characteristics of single-piece production of products such as molds.
2. High processing precision and stable processing quality.
3. Multi-coordinate linkage can be carried out, and parts with complex shapes can be processed.

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