CK6130 horizontal turning flat bed cnc lathe machine

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The CK6130 CNC lathe is a high cost effective numerical control lathe. The user is widely praised in various industries throughout the country.

2 flat bed is made of wear resistant cast iron casting, after super audio quenching precision grinding, long-term stability can guarantee the processing precision and service life of high rigid slide rail, screw in place, to ensure the stability of the machine tool and high rigidity.

This machine is widely used in electric appliances, bearings, cars, appliances, lighting, instruments, instruments, water heating, motorcycle, selecting bar, photographic equipment, clocks, optical lenses, mechanical instrument industry, etc.

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    Flat Bed Small CNC Lathe Machine CK6130



    Max. swing dia. over bed


    Max. swing dia. over cross slide


    Max. processing length


    Dia. of spindle hole


    Through hole dia. of drawing pipe


    Spindle speed


    Tool holder

    gang type tool holder

    Tool bar section

    20x20 16X16mm

    Main motor power


    X/Z axis travel stoke(mm)


    X/Z axis fast feeding speed

    8/10 m/min

    X/Z axis  position accuracy(mm)


    X/Z-axis repeatability(mm)



    Pneumatic collet

    Tailstock sleeve dia.


    Tailstock sleeve travel


    Tailstock taper






    Product features

    The base width of the machine tool, the structure of the bed guide rail is reasonable, the head of the head of the bed adopts the heat dissipation structure design, more effectively improves the stability of the machine tool and the stability of the spindle.
    The front and rear bearings of the machine tool are equipped with high precision ball bearing and diagonal contact bearing, which is good in stability and heavy load.
    The guide rail is cast with wear-resistant cast iron, and it is hardened by ultrasonic and fine grinding to ensure long - term stable machining precision and service life.

    CK6130 horizontal turning flat bed cnc lathe machine3


    1. Strong adaptability to processing objects, adapting to the characteristics of single-piece production of products such as molds.
    2. High processing precision and stable processing quality.
    3. Multi-coordinate linkage can be carried out, and parts with complex shapes can be processed.
    4. When machining parts are changed, production preparation time can be saved.
    5. The machine tool itself has high precision, high rigidity and high productivity.

    Company information

    CK6130 horizontal turning flat bed cnc lathe machine4
    CK6130 horizontal turning flat bed cnc lathe machine6

    Shandong luyoung machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturing enterprise engaged in the research, development, production, sale and service of CNC machines. Dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service, our experienced staff members are always available to discuss your requirements and ensure full customer satisfaction.

    Our main products are Wheel Repair CNC Lathe Machine, Vertical CNC Lathe Machine, Horizontal CNC Lathe Machine, Slant Bed CNC Lathe Machine, Universal Lathe Machine,  CNC Milling Machine and CNC Vertical Machining center. All the above products have passed CE, SGS certificates.

    After-sales service

    CK6130 horizontal turning flat bed cnc lathe machine7

    Our product is guaranteed for one year. We will send it to you free of charge during the warranty period.
    We will use the consummate maintenance technology, the leading service consciousness, focus on you to solve the trouble, diligently to win the benefit for you.
    Let us join hands and work together for common development.

    Why choose us

    CK6130 horizontal turning flat bed cnc lathe machine8

    (1) the production capacity of CNC machine tools with a capacity of 1,000 sets of various models is present, and the production scale is large.
    (2) the company main business operators with strong management experience and clear development ideas, advocated the establishment of production, study and research trinity technical innovation system, and with the Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics, Shanghai jiaotong university, zhejiang university cooperation to build high-grade CNC machine key technology research and development center.
    (3) product quality is superior, and the overall technology, process and performance of the products are close to the international advanced level.
    (4) the company pays great attention to the introduction, digestion, absorption and self-innovation of advanced technologies at home and abroad.
    (5) the company has a wide and stable sales network, ensuring the steady development of the company.
    (6) perfect personnel allocation and comprehensive personnel training mechanism guarantee the competitive advantage of enterprises in the same industry.

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