BK5030 cnc vertical Slotting machine for metal

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BK5032 CNC slotting machine refers to the machine tool that uses the vertical reciprocating motion of the slotting tool to slot the keyway and the hole. The tool bar extending upward from the bed through the workpiece hole, with the inserting tool, makes the main movement up and down while performing intermittent feed movement. It is suitable for processing the keyway in the hole of large parts (such as propeller).

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1. Suitable for the processing of keyways, splines, and blind holes.

2. Processing of special-shaped parts: The processing of the keyway in the blind hole and the unequal keyway in the blind hole is realized by the linear movement of the ram and the fourth rotation axis.

3. Servo main motor: the configuration of the servo main motor can realize arbitrary adjustment of the position and complete the processing of special workpieces.

4. Ram dovetail rail is optional linear rail.

BK5032 cnc vertical Slotting machine for metal2


Model  Unit BK5030
The Max. Slotting Length of Ram mm 300
Adjusting Travel of Ram mm 75
Number of Ram movements n/min 30--180
Table size mm 550*405
table travel(X,Y) mm 280*330
The Distance between Axial Line of Toolhead Bearing Hole
to Front-arm of Column
mm 505
 The Distance between End Plane of Toolhead Bearing Hole to Worktable mm 540
X Motor Torque (N.M) 6
Y Motor Torque (N.M) 6
Rapid Movement X(m/min) 5
Y(m/min) 5
Ball Screw(X)   FFZD3205-3/P4
Ball Screw(Y)   FFZD3205-3/P4
Main servo Motor Power KW 3.7


The slotting machine used for processing inner keyway or spline hole in single-piece or small batch production. It can also process flat, square or polygonal holes, etc. It is often replaced by milling or broaching in mass production.

BK5032 cnc vertical Slotting machine for metal3


The export fumigation-free wooden boxes are protected from moisture; this machine is suitable for LCL.

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