Metal band sawing machine

Item GT4240 rotary angle
band sawing machine
GT4240 rotary angle (gantry)
band sawing machine
Max.sawing size(mm) 0 °400, 45° 310, 60° 210
saw blade size(mm) 1960X34X1.1 5160X34X1.1
Saw blade speed(m/min) 27X45X69
Saw wheel diameter(mm) 520
 speed of feed stepless
Main motor power(kw) 4KW
Hydraulic pump motor power(kw) 0.75KW
Water pump motor(kw) 0.04KW 0.09KW
working clamping Hydraulic clamping
Drive mode Worm and gear
Overall dimensions(mm) 2300X1400X1800 2300X1400X1800
Weight(KG) 1100KG 1300KG

The ring saw band is tensioned on two saw wheels, and the saw wheel drives the saw band to cut. There are two main types of band sawing machines: vertical and horizontal. The saw frame of the vertical band saw machine is set vertically, and the work piece moves during cutting to cut the curve contour of the sheet and the formed part. The saw band can also be replaced with a file chain or sanding belt for filing or sanding. The saw frame of the horizontal band saw machine is arranged horizontally or obliquely, and feeds in the vertical direction or the direction of swinging around a point. The saw band is generally twisted by 40° to keep the saw teeth perpendicular to the work piece. Horizontal type is divided into scissors type, double column, single column type band saw; according to the usage, it is divided into manual type (economical manual feeding and manual cutting of materials) and automatic type; according to the automation program using the controller, it can be divided into manual type ( Semi-automatic manual feeding) automatic type (automatic feeding and automatic cutting); according to the cutting angle requirements, it is divided into angle sawing machine (can saw the cutting angle of 90 degrees and 45 degrees) without angle, that is, 90 degrees vertical cutting.

metal band sawing machine2

Features of Double Column Horizontal Metal Band Sawing Machine Series Band Sawing Machine:

♣Double column structure, vertical lifting, high stability

♣Hydraulic control of cutting speed, stepless speed regulation

♣Work piece clamping hydraulic clamping, easy to operate

♣Customized three-way hydraulic tightening device

♣The product has the characteristics of compact structure, stable performance, simple operation, high production efficiency, strong safety, etc.

♣Saw blade break induction, automatic emergency shutdown

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