HMC1814 horizontal machining center

Main technical parameters of HMC1814 horizontal machining center
Description Unit Specification of 1814
Worktable size mm 2000×900/800*800 rotary table
Max loading weight on worktable kg 1600
T-slot(pieces-width-distance) mm/piece 5-22-165
X axis travel mm 1800
 Y axis travel mm 1280
 Z axis travel mm 900
Distance from spindle end face to worktable center distance mm 200-1100
Distance from spindle center  to worktable mm 140-1420
Spindle taper  (7:24)   BT 50 φ190
Spindle speed r/min 6000
Spindle motor KW 15
X axis Rapid feeding speed m/min 18
Y axis Rapid feeding speed m/min 12
Z axis Rapid feeding speed m/min 18
Feed speed mm/min 1-10000
Auto Tool changer design    Arm type auto tool changer
Auto Tool changer capacity piece 24
Tool changing time(tool-to-tool) s 2.5
Accuracy test standard   JISB6336-4:2000/ GB/T18400.4-2010
X/Y/Z axis accuracy mm ±0.008
X/Y/Z axis Repeat positioning accuracy mm ±0.005
Overall size(L×W×H) mm 4800*3800*3450
 Gross weight kg 15000

HMC1814 china factory price heavy duty China horizontal cnc milling machine with taiwan 24 arm type ATC
Bed body:The bed body adopts integral positive T-shaped castings with good rigidity and precision retention. The exchange table and the tool magazine manipulator are fixed on the bed body to ensure the overall rigidity of the machine tool.The design of the bed body is analyzed by finite element, and its structure is reasonable and the ribs are arranged appropriately, so that it has sufficiently high static and dynamic rigidity and precision retention.
Column:The machine uses a dynamic column structure to move on the bed body. Its internal rib plate is analyzed by structural statics, dynamics and topology of finite cells.
Spindle box: The structure of the spindle box is analyzed by the structural statics, dynamics and topology of finite cells, and the reasonable structure design and the combination of reinforced ribs ensure the high rigidity of the box.
Dual switching workbench .The machine uses APC lift construction and direct swing. The whole process of work station exchange uses two sets of cam continuous motion for fast switching (exchange time: 12.5 seconds), which is very smooth and has very high reliability.
Worktable:The working table structure is very rigid after the structural statics, dynamics analysis and topological analysis of finite cells.
Spindle:The machine spindle has a two-speed internal variable speed electrical spindle structure with a maximum speed of 6000rpm. The customer can also select two internal variable speed spindles up to 12000 rpm. the spindle of the gear drive can also be configured according to customer requirements.
Screw:The X, Y and Z coordinate bars of the machine all use hollow strong cold technology, and the temperature of the cooling oil is controlled in real time, so that it changes in a small temperature range, thus reducing the thermal deformation of the screw in the process of cutting force and rapid movement, increasing the distortion stiffness of the screw, improving the processing accuracy of the machine tool, effectively reducing the inertia of the workstation's high-speed movement.
Guideline:X, Y, Z three coordinate guides using high-rigid self-lubricating roller straight rolling rail, good carrying performance, the
use of a straight-line rolling rail with a shelf to improve the rail life by 2.4 times. The roller rails have a self-lubricating
function and are self-injected with grease to maintain their lubrication performance for a long time.


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