Feature of this CK0640 cnc lathe machine

Feature of this CK0640 cnc lathe machine:

1. The casting adopts resin sand technology, which has good abrasion resistance, and the hardness of the guide rail after fine grinding is more than 52°.
2. The straight-line tool post has high working efficiency, and the precision ball screw pair is more accurate;
3. Pneumatic, manual integrated spring chuck, and optional hydraulic clamping device, convenient, fast, time-saving and labor-saving;
4. Centralized lubricating oil circuit, lubrication is more in place.
5. The main shaft is supported by high-precision and high-rigidity bearings. It adopts two kinds of clamps, namely, elastic chuck or chuck, and has multiple clamping methods such as pneumatic, hydraulic and manual.
6. The spindle rotation adopts stepless speed regulation.


Items CK0640
Spindle bore Φ42mm
Max. swing over bed Φ300mm
Max. swing over carriage φ130mm
Max length of work piece 240mm
X- axis max motion traveling schedule 200mm
X-axis fast moving speed 6000mm/min
Z- axis fast moving speed 8000 mm/min
X-axis feed rates 1~2000mm/min
Z- axis feed rates 1~1800mm/min
Range of spindle speed 50~2500rpm
X/Z-axis repeatability (mm)  0.012/0.013
Stations of tool carrier gang-type tool holder
Power of the main drive motor 3KW
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) 1550×920×1450
Net weight 850 kg
380V 3 phase(if your local have special request  pls let us know)
Standard configuration:


Post time: Aug-31-2022