Introduction of HMC630 Horizontal Machining Center

specifications HMC630
Worktable size (mm) 630*630
Max loading weight on worktable (kg) 950
T slot  size (Mm/ piece)  
X axis maximum travel (mm) 1050
Y axis Maximum travel (mm) 750
Z axis Maximum travel (mm) 900
Distance from spindle end face to worktable center(mm) 130-1030
Distance from spindle center to work table(mm) 130-650
Spindle taper  (7:24) BT 50 φ190
Range of spindle speed( r/min) 6000
Motor power(kW) 15
Rapid feeding speed: X axis (m/min) 20
Rapid feeding speed:Y axis (m/min) 12
Rapid feeding speed:Z axis (m/min) 20
feed speed (mm/min) 1-10000
Tool changer design arm type auto tool changer
ATC content (piece) 24
Tool change time (s) 2.5
Accuracy test standard JISB6336-4:2000/ GB/T18400.4-2010
X/Y/Z axis(mm) ±0.008
X/Y/Z axis Repeat positional accuracy (mm) ±0.005
Size (length× width× height) (mm) 5300*3700*2900
Machine weight (kg) 10000

1. Product introduction and application This machine tool is a moving column type horizontal machining center. The tool magazine adopts a disc type tool magazine and is equipped with a CNC equal-dividing worktable. It can realize one-time clamping of various boxes, shells, molds and other complex parts, and complete various processes such as keying, drilling, milling, expanding, reaming, and tapping.
2. Main Structural Features 1. The main base parts such as base, worktable, column, beam, slide seat, and spindle box are made of HT300 cast iron, box-type structure, and compact and reasonable symmetrical rib structure ensures the high rigidity of the base parts and anti-bending and shock absorption performance; the basic parts are made of resin sand and have undergone sufficient aging treatment, which provides a guarantee for the stability of the machine tool's long-term performance. 2. X, Y (vertical), Z three-axis rails, supported by 4 guide rails on the X-axis; High; the servo motor is directly connected with the lead screw by the elastic coupling, and the feed servo motor directly transmits the power to the high-precision ball screw to ensure the positioning accuracy of the machine tool; 4. The lead screw support adopts the special bearing for the lead screw and pre-tensioned The extension structure greatly reduces the influence of thermal deformation on the accuracy of the machine tool during long-term operation. ●6. The spindle box is equipped with an automatic balancing system, which ensures the machining accuracy of the machine tool; ●7. It adopts advanced centralized automatic lubrication device, which is automatically and intermittently lubricated regularly and quantitatively, and the work is stable and reliable; ●8. The machine tool is imported Famous CNC control system with complete functions, easy operation, stable precision and reliability.


Post time: Jun-22-2022